2 Feb 2007

Our Site Mentioned On TechCrunch


I am happy to report our little project was mentioned on TechCrunch.

This is great news to all involved. We think our creation (although not yet public) certainly merits the mention.

For those who don’t know, I created this site for myself. I hated being limited to internet forums or crowded chat rooms to debate on where nothing gets accomplished and there is no outcome. Our site will be social, democratic, competitive, and in real-time.

Our site was mentioned in the same post as a profile for another debate site. After visiting this site, we feel our offering is in a great position. The features we will bring to the table, will make our site more usable, fun, and addicting. We will do (and have already done in our demo) many of the same things, but better.

I am looking forward to the day when I can announce our launch.

More news soon… Feel free to sign up for our RSS feed to keep up with our progress. To sign up for our beta testing, please visit IntenseDebate.com.

Also, I need to give major props to my programmer Jon, and designer Isaac. They are extremely talented people.

Posted by Jon Fox in News

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