3 Aug 2010

WordPress Plugin Updates – v2.9

Time for an update folks! Version 2.9 of our WordPress plugin includes some great performance optimizations and other fixes:

  • Better local sync queue management for faster, more reliable syncing
  • Better option management to reduce the number of queries generated by the plugin
  • Improved mobile device support (the iPad now always loads IntenseDebate and ID works with the WPTouch theme)
  • Better compatibility with WordPress 3.0 (and previous versions) running in WP_DEBUG mode (avoid deprecated functions etc)
  • Some syncing fixes that make sure your WordPress comments database matches the comments in IntenseDebate

Please note that this version REQUIRES WordPress 2.8 or higher (and has been tested all the way up to the latest 3.0.1). If you are running a version of WordPress below 2.8, we have NOT tested this version, and it’s likely not to work. Hey, it’s time to upgrade that thing!

We strongly recommend that you update to this version of the plugin as soon as it appears in your WordPress admin panel as it provides some great performance improvements. If you don’t have IntenseDebate installed yet, or would rather update manually, jump on over to our WordPress.org plugins directory page and grab a copy now.

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18 Jun 2010

WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious” Is Officially Here

We’re very excited to help spread the news that Thelonious, the latest version of WordPress, is available for download. Read the full announcement on WordPress.org. Even better, IntenseDebate is compatible with WordPress 3.0.

Hats off to all contributors, including Beau Lebens (you know him as the code ninja behind the IntenseDebate WordPress Plugin and Gravatar Profiles).

Major new features in this release include a sexy new default theme called Twenty Ten.

Theme developers have new APIs that allow them to easily implement custom backgrounds, headers, shortlinks, menus (no more file editing), post types, and taxonomies. (Twenty Ten theme shows all of that off.) Developers and network admins will appreciate the long-awaited merge of MU and WordPress, creating the new multi-site functionality which makes it possible to run one blog or ten million from the same installation.

As a user, you will love the new lighter interface, the contextual help on every screen, the 1,217 bug fixes and feature enhancements, bulk updates so you can upgrade 15 plugins at once with a single click, and blah blah blah just watch the video. (In HD, if you can, so you can catch the Easter eggs.)

via – WordPress.org

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10 May 2010

WordPress Plugin v2.8 Now Available

It’s that time again folks: time for another release of our WordPress plugin!

Version 2.8 is available right now in the WordPress Plugin Directory, and you’ll be prompted to upgrade within your WordPress admin panel in the next few hours if you’re already running it. With this version you’ll be able to install our IntenseDebate widgets directly through your WordPress admin panel without having to insert them directly into your theme.

To add an IntenseDebate widget to your sidebar, select the Appearance tab in your WordPress admin panel sidebar → select Widgets → drag the IntenseDebate widget from the Available Widgets or Inactive Widgets area on the left into the Sidebar area on the right. When you see a dashed line appear, you can drop the widget into place. You can also change the order of the widgets by dragging and dropping them around in the sidebar.

Please note: in order to use this widget install method, your theme must support widgets.

We’re also working on some very-cool backend updates to our sync and import queues. More details to come. 🙂

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9 Feb 2010

Moving Your IntenseDebate Comments From Blogger to WordPress

UPDATE (1-18-2011): There is a new Blogger > WordPress comment importer! The plugin is available in the WordPress Plugins Directory here. Hat tip to Swashata and Gautam Gupta for their contribution to the ID and WordPress community. 🙂

UPDATE: our Blogger to WordPress comment import plugin has been temporarily disabled while we make some backend changes. The plugin will be available again once we’re done. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your patience!

I’ve received a lot of emails lately from IntenseDebate users interested in moving their blog from Blogger to WordPress, along with their IntenseDebate comments. Moving your IntenseDebate comments from one blog platform to another may seem like a simple task, but the changes in post ID and URL structures can lead to some difficulties.

Luckily our good buddy and fellow Boulderite, Josh Fraser, wrote an excellent plugin for moving your IntenseDebate comments from Blogger to WordPress. Josh’s plugin has been around for some time now (over a year!) and it’s been tested pretty thoroughly – so far it has performed flawlessly (a testament of Josh’s coding wizardry).

So, if you’re planning on moving from Blogger to WordPress, you can download Josh’s Blogspot2WP plugin. You’ll need to install it the old-fashioned way, via your FTP client, and drop it in your WP-Content → Plugins folder. Make sure you install, activate, and run the Blogspot2WP plugin before you install the IntenseDebate WordPress plugin. Give us a shout at support@intensedebate.com with any questions.

Please note: IntenseDebate is and will always be platform agnostic, and will always be available for use with any CMS and blog platform.

Some info if you’re interested in moving your blog from Blogger to WordPress:
Making the transition is pretty painless thanks to the Blogger importer built-in to the WordPress core. You can use the importer to transfer all of your Blogger posts, native Blogger comments, and users.  The importer is available in your WordPress admin panel under Tools → Import → Blogger. You can learn more about importing in the WordPress Codex.

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25 Jan 2010

WordPress Plugin v2.6 – Minor Update

Howdy folks!

Today we released version 2.6 of our WordPress plugin, which is available in the WordPress Plugin Directory, or via your WordPress dashboard.  It’s been a while since we released a new version of our WordPress plugin (over 2 months actually).  That’s because we’ve been pushing-out all the new features and code on our end, rather than making you update all the time – no one likes upgrade fatigue.

Version 2.6 has a few minor changes that are needed to make the IntenseDebate plugin fully compatible with certain combinations of WordPress 2.9 and PHP.

If you’re already using the plugin without any problems then it’s not critical that you update, but it’s always a good idea to stay up-to-date with the latest versions. If you had any problems getting the plugin working previously, now is a great time to give IntenseDebate another try.  Version 2.6 should be the perfect cure for your plugin fever.

Download the latest version now and give it a shot!

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