11 Jan 2010

Localization Update: 22 New Translations Need Your Review

Exciting news!  We have 22 newly translated languages that are nearly ready for prime-time, but we need your help.  We used a Google Translate tool to generate them, and we’re looking for volunteers to review these translations for any grammatical and contextual errors.  If you’re interested, please email us at labs@intensedebate.com and we’ll send you the translation along with some instructions. Thanks!

Translations to be reviewed:

Afrikaans Finnish Hungarian Latvian Portuguese (PT) Tagalog
Albanian Galician Icelandic Macedonian Romanian Thai
Belarusian Greek Indonesian Maltese Serbian
Chinese Hindi Korean Persian Swahili

We offer 24 translations that are currently available in your account at http://intensedebate.com/edit-site-account:

Arabic Czech Filipino Lithuanian Russian Spanish (ES)
Bulgarian Danish French Malay Slovak Swedish
Catalan English German Polish Slovene Turkish
Croatian Estonian Italian Portuguese (BR) Spanish (LA) Ukrainian

And we have a few translations that are nearing completion: Dutch, Hebrew, Japanese, Norwegian Bokmål, and Vietnamese.

Don’t see your language? Give us a hand!
If you’re interested in getting involved, now is the perfect time! Please email us at labs@intensedebate.com for information. Thanks!

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30 Sep 2009

Translations for Everyone!

By now you’re all aware that we’ve been working on allowing you to display your comment section in different languages, and today we’d like to make that available to everyone! Thanks to a fantastic effort from 24 volunteers collaborating across 5 continents, we’re able to offer 12 new languages to you right off the bat, with more languages hopefully coming soon. Here are the new languages that we’re releasing, along with the awesome folks who contributed to each translation:

To change the language used in the comments area on your site, just go into the fancy new Settings & Layout section of intensedebate.com and the pick the Layout option on the left. At the bottom of that page you can pick from the list of supported languages.


These are first runs of the translations, so please take a look and see what you think. If there are any words you think might make more sense as something different, then please drop us a line at labs@intensedebate.com, letting us know what language you’re looking at and where the text you’re talking about appears. It might be easiest if you send us a screenshot showing exactly which bit of text you’re talking about.

Thanks for all of your patience, and another huge thank you to the wonderful volunteers who have made this possible.

If you don’t see your language and you’re interested in translating, please email us at the address above. We would love your help!

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23 Sep 2009

WordCamp Philippines

Last week I was in Manila where I was lucky enough to attend WordCamp Philippines on behalf of Automattic (our parent company) and IntenseDebate.  In case you’re not familiar with it:

WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress. WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other. WordCamps are open to WordPress.com and WordPress.org users alike.

I had a chance to speak to a group of around 150 Filipinos who are really into blogging (and WordPress in particular) which was a great honor and also great fun (I was the first speaker of the day!). My trip was rather timely now that we’re working to localize IntenseDebate, and it was especially fitting since a Filipino translation of IntenseDebate came in just days before I left!

Mozilla co-hosted the event, providing sponsorship as well of one of the speakers, Seth Bindernagel, Director of Localization at Mozilla. Seth delivered a presentation titled “A quick look into the Mozilla community through the lens of localization” which was right up my alley.  I got a chance to talk to him at the event and will be spending a little bit of time with him in the near future to explore Mozilla’s approach to localization for projects like Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey. As we continue forward with our localization, we will be looking at how we can take some of the lessons they learned and apply them to IntenseDebate.

By leveraging the experience of one of the biggest and most successful open source projects (other than WordPress of course!), we’ll be able to make the localization process easier for you and us, and make IntenseDebate a more “native” experience for everyone.

Please keep an eye on our blog for an upcoming post detailing the latest progress on our localization project.

And now to close out my post, I thought I’d share one of my experiences with the local cuisine: my first taste of a balut. (I’m the one on the left. 😉 ) Check out my full post on my blog.

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