3 Aug 2010

WordPress Plugin Updates – v2.9

Time for an update folks! Version 2.9 of our WordPress plugin includes some great performance optimizations and other fixes:

  • Better local sync queue management for faster, more reliable syncing
  • Better option management to reduce the number of queries generated by the plugin
  • Improved mobile device support (the iPad now always loads IntenseDebate and ID works with the WPTouch theme)
  • Better compatibility with WordPress 3.0 (and previous versions) running in WP_DEBUG mode (avoid deprecated functions etc)
  • Some syncing fixes that make sure your WordPress comments database matches the comments in IntenseDebate

Please note that this version REQUIRES WordPress 2.8 or higher (and has been tested all the way up to the latest 3.0.1). If you are running a version of WordPress below 2.8, we have NOT tested this version, and it’s likely not to work. Hey, it’s time to upgrade that thing!

We strongly recommend that you update to this version of the plugin as soon as it appears in your WordPress admin panel as it provides some great performance improvements. If you don’t have IntenseDebate installed yet, or would rather update manually, jump on over to our WordPress.org plugins directory page and grab a copy now.

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23 Apr 2008

New Editing Power & Speed on Intense Debate

You may have already noticed, but just in case I thought I’d point it out. Last weekend we gave our servers a massive upgrade allowing us to continue to handle the enormous growth Intense Debate has been experiencing. This overhaul has made Intense Debate faster than ever! So if you notice that extra little step in your stride, feather in your hat or what have you, it’s probably because of our new servers!

In addition we’ve also added new editing power to Intense Debate comments. This has been one of the most requested features and we’re pretty excited to deliver it. If your fingers slip or you have a change of heart, there’s no need to fret, you can edit your comments right there immediately!

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10 Apr 2008

Performance, Optimization, & Firefox 3! Oh My!

We’re constantly working on improving the speed and usability of Intense Debate, and just thought we’d post something about our most recent achievements.

Firefox 3 Support!

We’re extremely stoked about this! We now support Firefox 3, so if ID was keeping you from giving Firefox 3 a try, you’ve now got no excuse!

Intense Debate Comment Restoration

There’s a new feature in the Intense Debate comments that you’ll hopefully never use. If, for some reason, you browse away before posting your comment, or you login as you’re posting, you won’t lose your comment. Just open the page again, and you’ll find your comment right where you left it.

Widget Update

Some of you didn’t like the way the Intense Debate logo was implemented in the last revision of our widgets (by widgets we mean the Recent Comments, the Blog Stats widget, etc). We’ve now changed this to a non-intrusive text link.

Bugfixes and updates
  • We’re happy to report that Intense Debate now works perfectly in the NetNewsWire RSS reader.
  • Logging in, displaying the user menu, and voting have all been optimized and are now much faster.
  • The error messages within the Intense Debate comments have been looked over, and we’ve updated a big chunk of them to make them more clear.
  • And more…

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