7 Apr 2008

It’s New Feature Week at Intense Debate!


What can I say? We’re on a roll right now! Everyday we’re thinking up innovative ways to improve your commenting experience, and everyday the Intense Debate community is submitting new awesome feature ideas. To top it off, our Intense Debate developers have somehow managed to keep up with all of this obsessive enthusiasm! What we’ve got now is a bunch of new Intense Debate features to introduce to you. In fact, I’d say that we have a plethora! (such a great word…I never get to use it.)

It wouldn’t be cool of us to slowly release these features over the next couple of weeks and deprive you of their incredible commenting power. So instead we’re just going to open the gates and release new features each day this week!

Today’s new feature for the Intense Debate commenting system is the shiny new Subscribe Menu. Now you can subscribe to comments through a variety of common RSS readers such as Google Reader, Netvibes, and Newsgator.

Using our new Subscribe Menu, you can subscribe to either the comments of a blog post or to the entire blog. Plus there’s a direct link to the RSS feed.

What do you think? Got any suggestions on the services you’d like to see in the Subscribe Menu? Are there some services that shouldn’t be there at all? Drop us a note at feedback@intensedebate.com, or post a comment below.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to learn about additional new features.

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18 Feb 2008

Intense Debate in Google Reader

We’ve got some great users here at Intense Debate. One user in particular has really taken Intense Debate to another level. Paul Arterburn has written a Firefox Extension to add Intense Debate to Google Reader. Basically it adds a comment link to the reader (below). Screen 1

Clicking the link opens up comments inline like the following:

Screen 2

This allows you to comment on the articles with any others that have the extension installed. You can also get a feed of all of the comments on any post here.

You can download the add-on from his site (as well as download the Greasemonkey script version). Tell us what you think of it.

Also, if you’ve done something interesting with Intense Debate please let us know.

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