10 Apr 2008

Performance, Optimization, & Firefox 3! Oh My!

We’re constantly working on improving the speed and usability of Intense Debate, and just thought we’d post something about our most recent achievements.

Firefox 3 Support!

We’re extremely stoked about this! We now support Firefox 3, so if ID was keeping you from giving Firefox 3 a try, you’ve now got no excuse!

Intense Debate Comment Restoration

There’s a new feature in the Intense Debate comments that you’ll hopefully never use. If, for some reason, you browse away before posting your comment, or you login as you’re posting, you won’t lose your comment. Just open the page again, and you’ll find your comment right where you left it.

Widget Update

Some of you didn’t like the way the Intense Debate logo was implemented in the last revision of our widgets (by widgets we mean the Recent Comments, the Blog Stats widget, etc). We’ve now changed this to a non-intrusive text link.

Bugfixes and updates
  • We’re happy to report that Intense Debate now works perfectly in the NetNewsWire RSS reader.
  • Logging in, displaying the user menu, and voting have all been optimized and are now much faster.
  • The error messages within the Intense Debate comments have been looked over, and we’ve updated a big chunk of them to make them more clear.
  • And more…

People-Powered Customer Service


Ask a question, share an idea, report a problem, or just talk…

Favicon Service and support by Satisfaction

If you have any suggestions for us, things you think could change or if you have new ideas, please contact us ASAP! You can always reach us on the Getsatisfaction forums.

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  1. Thanks for the feedback! Love it!

    Intense Debate

    Comment by michael — January 7, 2009 @ 1:55 am
  2. Oh may! this article is a little older. But who knows maybe someone sees it out there in the big universe.

    My favorite blog changed to IntenseDebateSoftware. That's fine actually! The problem I have with the latest Firefox version, also with a completely virgin version under a new profile, and no add-ons or extensions at all, is that I can't use any text links anymore.

    Yes I know I can simply copy the whole link and IntenseDebate converts it to a clickable link, no need to fiddle with html tags. But I love text links for aesthetic reasons. Problem: the moment I post the comment, the link is replaced by a blank.

    It doesn't happen in Internet Explorer.

    Any idea what could cause such a phenomenon? I do prefer Firefox. Do I have to tweet something somewhere e.g. in about:config. Oh May! But what?

    Strictly I could test it here too. Intense debate Firefox 3

    Exactly, the moment you send it, the link is substituted by: "" target="_blank"

    Comment by LeaNder22 — May 27, 2009 @ 1:19 am

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