27 Sep 2007

New Feature Release!


Greetings ID’ers,

Today we are releasing several new features. We are happy to say that our users have had a great amount of influence in this current release.

One of the most exciting features we are releasing is our new theme. Many of our users offered feedback on how to improve upon our theme moving forward and the “Chameleon” is the result. We call our new theme the “Chameleon” because of it’s ability to adapt to the predominant colors of the blog or website surrounding it. This helps color coordination and is all done “automagically” without the publisher having to get involved. Best of all, our publishers can go back and forth between the themes whenever they like.

Still, there are publishers who want even more control and we are happy to oblige. We have built in the ability for designers to upload a CSS stylesheet and override our styling. This allows for publishers to customize how their comment systems look and make their comment systems unique.

Like customization? Good, we now are offering publishers the ability to change how their comments link displays. Right now, my comments link states “Comments (2)” but with this new ability, I can change it to “Bad Ass Comments (2)”…

We also noticed our anonymous commenters needing some love. We have now made it optional for anonymous posters to link to their url.

There is more, but it will have to wait for another post. As always, we love feedback and feature requests!

Posted by Isaac Keyet in features

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