9 Oct 2007

New Widget, New Solution, And Design Improvements

We are iterating fast and furiously over here at Intense Debate. Our latest release includes a healthy list of updates and features.

First, what you will immediately notice is our site remake. This new look is complements of Isaac and features new button as well as other improvements.

For publishers, a primary concern with their comments is data control. We will be taking steps to show that we are genuine in our intentions and allow publishers access to their comment data. The first solution we are providing was released last night and allows publishers to download an xml file with their comment data whenever they feel like it. We want to be a friend to publishers and this solution will keep with that theme.

Last, but certainly not the least, for all you widget lovers we are making another available. It is a top commenters widget that displays the users that make the most comments on your blog. It displays an avatar, screename, reputation, and their rank. Best of all, the widget includes “Chameleon” capability and will adapt to the surrounding blog colors and fonts, just like the other widgets.

As always, feedback is welcome anytime. You can visit our forums and also contact me directly: josh at intensedebate dot com should you have any questions or feedback.

Posted by Isaac Keyet in features

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