18 Nov 2007

Across The Intense Debate Network


From time to time we will refer to the fun things happening around the Intense Debate network. After navigating around some of the sites using the Intense Debate comment system, I realized a lot is going on.

Dumb Little Man is a great blog and has been on a roll this week with a few articles making it to the frontpage of Digg. I asked Jay how he does it, but he won’t reveal his secret. My guess is that great content plays a role.

One of our newest ID’ers is called Drinks Are On Me. If you are interested in food and drink, I recommend it! After reading a few articles I felt incredibly hungry.

Brad Feld is blogging about email and who is talking about it. The follow up post should be very interesting.

Political Grind expanded their network. Congrats to the guys there. They were one of our early adopters and have seen a 110% increase in their comments since installing ID. We definitely don’t take full credit as the people behind PG produce great content.

Micah Baldwin shared an excellent personal story of success and failure over at Learn To Duck. If you are part of a startup or thinking about starting up a company you should definitely read this.

Fraser from Adaptive Blue put up a great post on his personal blog, Disruptive Thoughts, about his trip to the Boulder/Denver area. His conclusion: it is a great place for a tech startup. I couldn’t agree more.

There are many great things people are talking about around our network and they are using the Intense Debate comment system to continue the conversation. If something remarkable is happening at your blog, email me (josh at intensedebate dot com) and we might feature you in a future edition.

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  1. Somehow I can't post on BUG Forum 😦

    My Blog is http://blog.exolimpo.com, as you see on the main page the sidebar, it uses accordion / mootools, it works perfectly, till the IntenseDebate Comment system kicks in.. :


    As you see when I click on the trigger, nothing will happen, FIREBUG gave me this error:
    "fromTo has no properties"

    I investigated a little bit and it's beacause of the obj prototype… Now the question is, can you fix this so the web-designers-coders CAN use Mootools?

    or will you exclude us ? 😦

    Need urgent fix for this :/ my blog won't work without it 😦

    Thank you.

    Comment by kurodesu541 — January 7, 2009 @ 1:55 am

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