17 Apr 2008

The new Intense Debate Add-ons page

myfeeds.pngAs a part of our most recent release, we tweaked and improved our main site. You’ll now find that it’s much easier to get around and more enjoyable overall.

We’ve also created an Add-ons page, which contains all of the Intense Debate widgets (Blog Stats, Recent Comments, My Recent comments and Top commenters) as well as instructions for Feedflare integration and a list of all your comment feeds! It’s now easier than ever to subscribe to your friends feeds, aggregate your own feed or one of your Intense Debate-enabled blogs. You also have an aggregated feed for all your blogs, and feeds that keep you up to date with comments awaiting moderation. All served on a silver plate.

How do you like the improvements? Please comment below, we have installed a great commenting system that makes it really easy.

Posted by Isaac Keyet in features

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  1. First and foremost church and state are supposed to be completely separated when it comes to the rule of law in the United States. So the religious argument that God meant for only man and woman to be together has no bearing here!

    Comment by chat sohbet — April 28, 2009 @ 5:32 pm

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