9 Apr 2013

Log in to IntenseDebate with WordPress.com Connect

We’ve recently launched updates that may affect the way you log in to IntenseDebate. We’ve now switched over to using WordPress.com Connect for IntenseDebate, which allows you to securely use your WordPress.com credentials to log into IntenseDebate.com and IntenseDebate-powered commenting areas.

What does this mean?

If you previously used a WordPress.com account to log in to IntenseDebate, you’ll now do this using WordPress.com Connect. Once you’ve connected your account once, you should be all set. If you used an original IntenseDebate account to log in, you can continue to do so using those details.

WordPress.com Connect

When prompted, authorize IntenseDebate to access your WordPress.com account:

The benefit of switching to WordPress.com Connect is that it means your account information is managed in one, super-secure place (WordPress.com) and ultimately streamlines your online experience — for example, you can use this same account to log into other products, including VaultPressAkismetPolldaddy, and Gravatar. It also means you can take advantage of additional security features on WordPress.com, like the recently-launched Two Step Authentication.

Note: We also fixed a bug with Twitter authorization, so if you or your commenters were having any trouble logging in to comment using a Twitter account, that should be working now. If you have feedback or questions on any of these updates, please contact us. Thanks!

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