13 Jun 2009

WordPress Plugin v2.2

We’ve been working away on a new version of the IntenseDebate Plugin for WordPress, and now it’s ready to come your way. This version contains a bunch of improvements and enhancements, mostly on the backend, and is also WordPress 2.8 compatible. Here’s the full list of changes, which is now included as a Changelog in the readme file included with the plugin (and which can be seen in the WordPress Plugin Directory):

  1. Compatible with WordPress 2.5 – 2.8
  2. Fixed a bug where versions of WordPress below 2.7 would turn off comment threading in IntenseDebate when saving Discussion Settings in WordPress
  3. Improved performance of the queue system used to sync details back and forth with IntenseDebate (reduced the number of database requests made significantly)
  4. Improved overall compatibility with WordPressMU (and props to Israel S. for contributed code!). Compatible WordPressMU 2.6 and 2.7.
  5. Improved debugging/logging options (you can now save debug details to your error log, database or both)
  6. Improved the initial import process (and there are some more improvements coming on this one)
  7. Improved security of the options page via better use of nonces and whitelisted options within WordPress (where available)
  8. Improved syncing of comment moderations
  9. Improved translatability so that we can get the plugin localized into other languages!

So as you can see, there’s a lot more in there than just WordPress 2.8 compatibility. In amongst all of this, there have also been a number of small improvements to the way that IntenseDebate interacts with WordPress and presents information to you while you are moderating comments.

If you’re using WordPress 2.5 or higher, or WordPressMU 2.6 or higher, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to this new version to get all the latest goodness!

If you haven’t started using IntenseDebate on your WordPress website yet, there’s no time like the present: Get started now and enhance your comments!

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13 Apr 2009

WordPress Plugin v2.1

Hi everyone, my name is Beau and I’ve been working with the guys here at IntenseDebate to improve their WordPress plugin and its syncing functionality. I’ve been using the WP plugin myself since last year (check out my public IntenseDebate profile!) so it’s been really great to be able to work with the team here and help improve a service that I’m personally a big fan of. WordPress has become a major part of my personal and professional life, so I’m happy that the integration between IntenseDebate and WordPress is constantly improving.

We’ve been hard at work updating the IntenseDebate service and finding out what folks like you would like to see from us. One of the biggest requests we’ve had for the WordPress Plugin is to sync moderation settings between your WordPress blog and IntenseDebate. Well, ask and ye shall receive!

Syncing Discussion/Moderation Settings
The biggest new feature in this version is that all relevant discussion/moderation settings (words/email addresses/IPs that cause a comment to go to moderation or be blacklisted, email notification options etc) will now be synced between your WordPress blog and your IntenseDebate control panel. This means that you can use either of them to make changes, and they will automatically update each other.

IntenseDebate - WordPress moderation sync

In addition to that, we’ve done a lot of code cleanup and some other backend tweaks to make things run more smoothly. We’ve also improved the integration with your WordPress Admin Panel for comment moderation. That panel should load faster now as well thanks to some optimizations we’ve implemented. Did you ever notice that if you saved your WordPress profile information, you’d have to log back into IntenseDebate again? Not anymore, that one got fixed as well.

If you’re installing the plugin for the first time, it will ask you if you’d like to merge your moderation settings with IntenseDebate, right after you log into your account:

Merge moderation settings

We recommend that you leave that box checked, which will add our default spam-catching naughty-words to any that you might have set up in WordPress already. Once you have the new plugin installed, things should automatically start syncing between the two systems whenever you make a change to your moderation settings.

If you already have a previous version of the IntenseDebate plugin installed, you should see an upgrade reminder appear in your Admin Panel soon. If not (or if you prefer to do these things manually), you can download the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory now.

Once you’re finished upgrading you’ll need to trigger a sync to make sure things get started properly. Log into IntenseDebate and go to the “Settings” page for your blog. Add a single space character to the “Moderate posts containing the following words” box and hit “Save settings”. Your IntenseDebate settings will now be synced over to WordPress and things will stay in sync from now on.
Manually trigger a sync

Thinking about giving IntenseDebate a try? There’s no better time than the now! Get started with IntenseDebate!


We have identified and fixed an issue with the importer.  Please update your plugin to version 2.1.1.   You should have an upgrade message in your WP plugins panel. If you don’t please download the plugin here.

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