7 Jan 2008

Josh’s Departure

Today we are announcing that Josh is leaving Intense Debate for personal reasons.  We all feel this is what’s best for both Intense Debate and Josh. We certainly wish him well in his future pursuits.

Losing a team member in a small startup like ours is obviously never easy, but we remain committed to providing the best tool for online conversation to all of our users.

We’ve got some really exciting stuff in the pipeline, so keep checking back for the latest news.

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5 Jan 2008

New forums


We’ve got several new things we’ve rolled out today.  Probably the first thing you’ll notice is this blog’s redesign.  This new look matches the rest of our site better and puts a new shine on this blog.

Another recent update is to the forums.  We’ve done several changes to help speed up the load time as well as offer new options for sorting to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.  You can expect to see these sorting options rolled out to blogs shortly.

And finally, a few things you may or may not notice are several bug fixes that have been released.  The issues with comments that couldn’t be found to be deleted as well as some issues with multiple posts should be resolved among others.

As always, feel free to give us your feedback in the forums or by email (contactus@intensedebate.com).

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15 Dec 2007

Announcing Our New Product Team

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There’s been a lot of stuff going on around here recently. We wanted to make a couple quick announcements to keep you informed.

The most noticeable is the new front page. We continue to strive to make it simpler and easier for our new users to give Intense Debate a try. We now offer a single line of javascript, available right from the front page, that allows anyone to drop Intense Debate Comments into any blog or website. This gives a quick, easy way to test drive Intense Debate for yourself.

Another thing to note is the announcement of our new product team. We’ve been hearing your feedback and we really took it to heart. We compiled a list of bloggers to give us direct feedback on new designs, features, and ideas. Please check out the product team page to see the full list. A big thanks goes to all of our product team for their help and commitment to making Intense Debate better. We’ll take all the help we can get in making Intense Debate the best commenting solution available!

And lastly, something you might or might not have directly noticed is that we’re in midst of many changes to help improve the performance of our product. We’ve already made several updates, and there are several more on the way, all geared toward making a faster, more efficient product for our users.

As always, feel free to give us feedback and help shape the product. You can contact us by posting in our forums or emailing us directly at contactus@intensedebate.com. We’ve got several exciting things in the queue, so be sure to check back frequently.

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1 Nov 2007

The newest addition to Intense Debate: Michael Koenig


We’re proud to announce the newest addition to the Intense Debate team, Michael Koenig. Michael joins us as our Director of Business Development and Marketing. Many of you might have already had communications with him as he’s been handling support for a few weeks now while he joins our family. He’s also added some zest to our blog and added a twitter account for Intense Debate (twitter.com/intensedebate). If you have any feature requests, bug reports, or anything else, feel free to contact him at michael at intensedebate dot com.

Here’s a quick bio from our about us page:

Originally from Michigan, with a BA in Philosophy from The University of Colorado at Boulder, Michael brings a certain je ne sais quoi to Intense Debate. Part business development, marketing guru, entrepreneur, philosopher, and musician, Michael has proven vital in the company’s growth and development.

Glad to have you Michael!

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29 May 2007

First Week At TechStars


We had a great first week at TechStars. We kept thinking to ourselves that three months ago this was a pipe dream.

We are meeting all sorts of great people and getting feedback on our offering.

Some highlights include Jon talking to Darren Crystal (Co-Founder of Photobucket) for almost 15 minutes without knowing who he was(/humor). Another highlight was meeting with Todd Vernon, our lead mentor and CEO of Lijit.com.

The bottom line is Boulder is a great town and all the mentors are extremely open to meet and talk with us. The other companies are great too! Overall, it is an awesome ecosystem to be a part of.

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