24 Apr 2007

So, Now We Are Important

After our selection to TechStars we have a new, brash confidence. The selection has given us instant credibility.

So, where do we go from here? There are several things up in the air. We are in the process of changing servers to the “free” servers provided by a TechStars sponsor. Plus, there are some business things to be tied up.

The good news is, we expect to launch an alpha for some friends and family once we get settled into Boulder. This will be followed by a beta period, which we promise will end at some point in the future.

Sure, we could rush a product to market, but we feel the user experience would not be optimal, bugs would be more prevalent, and plus we want to listen to some of our new mentors and marinate on what they advise us on.

The bottomline is we want quality to be above standard and give people plenty of reason to comeback.

In the meantime, catch up with what we are experiencing on a personal level at Jon’s new blog. Isaac and Josh will be creating blogs too. The reason why we will all blog on our own is to bring three different perspectives to the table.

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18 Apr 2007

Intense Debate Selected For TechStars

Well it is official and we just got the clearance to share. After a long waiting period, Intense Debate will be moving to a secret underground bunker in Boulder, Colorado for the Summer to work with TechStars.

Our strategy will now morph to reflect our new weapons of opportunity: successful mentors, a little cash, and an environment conducive for creativity.

Frankly, the ID team is flat out motivated and ready to do something special very soon.

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13 Apr 2007

Big Announcement

An announcement is being made next week that is very big! Be sure to check back with us.

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26 Feb 2007

How We Are Building ID

I think it is now appropriate to discuss how we are building ID. Building a rich site isn’t something that happens overnight. The speed of development is really a function of time spent working on the project.

For us, we have chosen to work at night and on the weekends while trying to balance our regular lives and jobs. To work effectively, we chose to segment our work. Meaning, we would take a segment of the site, sketch it, code it, then add function. This has worked very well for us.

We are taking a bit more time with this project than we would have liked, but it is just to make sure the quality is high. Our idea is new to the web and we want to represent it well.

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22 Feb 2007

It Is Almost That Time…


It is almost that time. Our site is coming together and with every bug we find and feature we successfully create, our anticipation grows.

As the political season heats up with the upcoming Presidential race, our site will be THE place to debate the issues of the day! I am very confident when I say that. At the same time, we will encourage debate of all things. Have an argument with your wife? Air you complaint on our site. The people will be the ultimate arbitration mechanism.

Other sites have tried, and will continue to try, to mimic us. However, our key differentiator is our creative spirit and our talent. Our team draws on a great synergy and the skill and talent the people involved in our site have is dramatic.

You will see.

Look for something from us very soon.

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