6 Oct 2009

Blog Account Pages and Admin Panel Redesign

We’re excited to announce the latest release for our IntenseDebate.com interface redesign: your brand new Admin Panel and Blog Account pages. We’re sure that you’ve noticed the unmistakable design changes to the Blog Overview, Moderation, Comment History, Plugins, Settings and Layout, and Tools pages, and we think you’ll agree that it’s a major improvement!

Over the past weeks we have released redesigns for our homepage, your User Account page, and your account Dashboard and Following page.  These releases feature our new sidebar navigation. So far your feedback has been excellent, and we’re pleased to hear that you’ve found it to be much improved (we were told that it was “life changing” and we agree!).

Our old blog account pages were definitely due for an overhaul, especially the Settings page.  That was our go-to page when we introduced new admin features, and admittedly it was getting a bit crowded.  The redesign embraces the sidebar and has split your old Blog Settings into a couple of different tabs:

  • Blog Account overview: manage email notification settings, blog title and RSS.
  • Moderation: for all of your spam and moderation management tools.
  • Layout: customize your comment section components and language options.
  • Comments: manage Facebook Connect, Twitter Sign-in, along with all of your other comment settings.
  • Custom CSS: this is a brand new tab where you can style and add new CSS to your comment section without having to upload files anywhere!
  • Miscellaneous: customize your comment links among other elements.

Give it a try and let us know what you think! There’s more to come (especially for our moderation page) so keep an eye on our blog for more info.

Posted by Michael Koenig in features

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