8 Oct 2009

After the Deadline IntenseDebate Plugin

AtD logoEvery now and than then their there are times when we all slip-up with a misused word in a blog post.  It’s slightly embarrassing to find after you publish your post, especially if someone has to point it out to you.  Thankfully Raphael Mudge recently joined us at Automattic and is saving us from making careless mistakes with his intelligent proofreading technology, After the Deadline (download it here for your blog/website).

After The Deadline brings cutting-edge contextual spell checking, grammar checking, and style checking to the web, in a seamless service integration with the most popular online publishing tools and platforms (WordPress, TinyMCE, etc.). Through a combination of carefully-tuned statistical machine learning and NLP techniques, AtD’s sophisticated language models can catch and suggest corrections to subtle errors in context – even in poetry! http://bit.ly/badpoetry

AtD is that second set of eyes we all love to have to proofread our blog posts.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to have that same expert spelling and grammar checking for your comments?  Now you can with the After the Deadline IntenseDebate plugin!  Raphael has been hard at work to bring you a lightweight solution to catch any spelling, misused words, and grammar errors before you post your comment.

AtD icon2Give it a try when you post a comment.  After typing your comment select the “Check Spelling” icon at the top right of comment textbox.  Misspelled words will have a red underline while grammar errors will have a green underline.  Because AtD uses artificial intelligence to identify misused words, you no longer have too to worry about contextual errors.  Click the underlined word and you’ll be presented with alternative suggestions to correct your mistake.

Visit your Plugins page in your Blog Account admin panel to locate and activate the AtD plugin.  Make sure you check out the rest of the IntenseDebate plugins while you’re there like PollDaddy Polls, Seesmic video comments, Smileys, and loads more.  Learn more about our Plugins and Plugins API.

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30 Sep 2009

Translations for Everyone!

By now you’re all aware that we’ve been working on allowing you to display your comment section in different languages, and today we’d like to make that available to everyone! Thanks to a fantastic effort from 24 volunteers collaborating across 5 continents, we’re able to offer 12 new languages to you right off the bat, with more languages hopefully coming soon. Here are the new languages that we’re releasing, along with the awesome folks who contributed to each translation:

To change the language used in the comments area on your site, just go into the fancy new Settings & Layout section of intensedebate.com and the pick the Layout option on the left. At the bottom of that page you can pick from the list of supported languages.


These are first runs of the translations, so please take a look and see what you think. If there are any words you think might make more sense as something different, then please drop us a line at labs@intensedebate.com, letting us know what language you’re looking at and where the text you’re talking about appears. It might be easiest if you send us a screenshot showing exactly which bit of text you’re talking about.

Thanks for all of your patience, and another huge thank you to the wonderful volunteers who have made this possible.

If you don’t see your language and you’re interested in translating, please email us at the address above. We would love your help!

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24 Sep 2009

Facebook Connect Enhancement

We’re excited to introduce a new enhancement for our Facebook Connect implementation: share comments back to Facebook.  We recently rolled this out, so if you use Facebook Connect to post comments in IntenseDebate then you might have noticed this.

Our Facebook Connect integration is a cool way to let your readers post comments using their Facebook profiles. With our latest enhancement they can now opt to share their comments with their Facebook friends when they post using Facebook Connect. Just like our “tweet this” Twitter integration, this is a great way to get your friends in the debate and drive new traffic to your blog and comments.FB checkbox 1

When you’re logged into Facebook Connect you’ll notice a new “Share on Facebook” checkbox just below the comment textbox on the right. Select that when you post using your Facebook Connect account and you’ll have the option to customize the text that you post back to Facebook.

Post to FB

If you haven’t given IntenseDebate a try yet, now is the perfect time! Get started with IntenseDebate.

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10 Sep 2009

Localization Update

Wow, you’ve really answered our call for help with translating IntenseDebate.  In just 1 week we have received 49 volunteers translating IntenseDebate into 26 languages!  And even cooler yet, Dutch, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and European Spanish translations have come in for review by your fellow Iñtërnâtiônàlizætiønër’s!

So far this has been one of the most rewarding projects I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with.  There are so many moving parts, it’s beautiful to see everyone coming together.  Several languages have drawn numerous volunteers, and our Iñtërnâtiônàlizætiønër’s are collaborating and exchanging .po files from across the world.  It’s super-cool to watch.  🙂

Here’s a sneak-peek at the French translation in action:


There’s still a lot that needs to be accomplished on our end before we can roll these translations out for use, but thanks to your help we’re making major progress!  Please keep the translations coming!

So far we’ve received volunteers to help translate these languages:

Arabic Hungarian European Portuguese
Bahasa Indonesia Italian Russian
Danish Japanese Slovak
Dutch Korean Slovene
Egyptian Arabic Lithuanian European Spanish
Filipino Malay Latin American Spanish
French Norwegian Swedish
German Persian Turkish
Greek Brazilian Portuguese

Don’t see your language? Give us a hand!
If you’re interested in getting involved, now is the perfect time! Please email us at labs@intensedebate.com for information. Ideally we’d like to have at least two Iñtërnâtiônàlizætiønër’s working together for each translation.  Thanks!

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2 Sep 2009

IntenseDebate Is Open For Localization!

Hello, Hola, Olá, Shalom, Bom dia, Bonjour, Ni hao, Konnichiwa, Hallo, God dag, Guten Tag, Kalimera, Buon giorno, Merhaba, As-Salāmu `Alaykum, G’day!!!

IntenseDebate is open for translation!  That’s right, you can finally translate IntenseDebate into your own language! Localization is by far the most requested feature, and we’re extremely excited to open up the debate.

But you can’t flip the switch just yet. We need your help!  This is a call for all Iñtërnâtiônàlizætiønër’s.  While we continue working on our own translations, we’re also looking for all of you brilliant multilingual folks out there to lend us a hand and help translate IntenseDebate.   If you’re interested please email us at labs@intensedebate.com and we’ll send you instructions. Once we’ve got a few translations we will make them available, and you’ll be able to activate them in your IntenseDebate blog account. Please keep an eye out for future posts detailing our progress.


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