13 Jan 2008

Intense Debate…now with sorting

Today we’re happy to announce another release, although this one probably won’t be as noticeable as some in the past.  Last night we released a completely rewritten loading system for our comments.  We’ve also completely redone our caching procedures, upgraded our infrastructure, and even optimized our server configurations a bit.  So what does all this mean?  Well, it’s all geared toward making the comments load faster than ever before.  You should start seeing noticeable improvements in our comment system’s load time.

Also, something that is a little more obvious is the addition of the sorting options to the comment system.  You can now sort by date (like a more traditional comment system would), comment rating (what it’s always done up till now), and most recent activity, which orders them by putting the most recent comments at the top, making it easier than ever to keep track of how the conversation is progressing and organize the comments how you want them.

We’ve got a lot of changes in progress right now and lots of exciting things happening in the next few weeks…we’ll let you know as it unfolds.

Posted by Jon Fox in features

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