1 May 2009

New Plugins – AddToAny Share Buttons!

We’re excited to introduce two new plugins: AddToAny Share Buttons for both your comments and your posts!  Enabling AddToAny Share Buttons lets your readers share, save, bookmark, and email comments using any service, such as Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Twitter, and over 100 more social bookmarking and sharing sites.
Enable AddToAny Share Buttons on your blog by visiting your Plugins page and select the Activate link next to the plugin.  And don’t forget to check out our other plugins like PollDaddy polls, Seesmic video comments, YouTube, and Smileys.  The AddToAny Share Buttons plugins were developed by our friend Pat, who helps run AddToAny blog share buttons.

Interested in flexing your own coding muscles and developing a super-sweet plugin?  Check out our Plugin Resources and documentation.  You can also check out our Plugins blog post to find out more information.

Many thanks to Pat and his team for their phenomenal work and addition to IntenseDebate!

Posted by Michael Koenig in features

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  1. Very nice – I've been messing around with the Sociable plugin lately but this seems somewhat better thought out. "Share/Save" makes more sense than Sociable's "Share and Enjoy".

    I am looking forward to seeing ID plugins gain momentum, the plugin platform is such a great idea.

    Comment by donnacha — May 2, 2009 @ 12:17 am
  2. If you're on a self-hosted WordPress blog, I think you'll love the AddToAny plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/add-to-any/

    Comment by Pat — May 2, 2009 @ 4:27 am
  3. loving the poll add on

    Comment by PenguinPcHelper — May 15, 2009 @ 3:28 am
  4. yum.

    Comment by human3rror — May 18, 2009 @ 1:48 pm
  5. Thanks

    Comment by اس ام اس — May 19, 2009 @ 8:31 pm
  6. worldpress win!

    Comment by Metropolice — May 29, 2009 @ 1:24 pm
  7. Hi guys!
    Some remarks about the translation into Russian language menu button Share. Written by "ширни" – is slang for drug addicts – "prick" 🙂

    Comment by Александр Чебелев — May 29, 2009 @ 4:10 pm
  8. Haha, wow. That's a bad one! Thanks for finding that. 🙂

    Comment by Pat — June 23, 2009 @ 7:07 am
  9. Haha, wow. That's a bad one! Thanks for finding that. Will have it fixed. 🙂

    Comment by Pat — June 23, 2009 @ 7:07 am
  10. I have had this happen a few times already – even lost all my bookmarks. I was not able to recover them. I finally got fed up with firefox after I noticed it was eating up all my memory causing the whole PC to slow down.

    Comment by Web design SEO — May 29, 2009 @ 4:13 pm
  11. do you know why my posts are disappearing just a few minutes after posting them? Theo at resveratrol side effects

    Comment by echangwi — June 10, 2009 @ 7:01 am
  12. They sound like a good idea to me. Are many website using them ? Do they only work with Firefox ?
    I have an ecommerce site and I thinking of adding an AddtoAny button. Should I ?

    Comment by Digby — June 21, 2009 @ 7:40 pm
  13. Hi Digby. AddToAny has been around a very long time, is installed on many websites (big & small), and is always cross-browser compatible (Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.). Let us know if you have any more questions at all: http://www.addtoany.com/contact/

    Comment by Pat — June 23, 2009 @ 6:28 am
  14. seslisohbet seslichat sesli sohbet sesli chat

    Comment by sesli — July 10, 2009 @ 4:19 am
  15. Thanks very much, Michael!
    i like it … i think it better than addthis???

    Comment by imyshop — July 12, 2009 @ 8:42 am
  16. […] with just a simple click of your mouse.  As is the case with other IntenseDebate plugins, like AddToAny Share Buttons, there’s no need to mess around with any code in your template.  We do it for you.  All you […]

  17. perfect article and blog many thanks

    Comment by occ — August 21, 2009 @ 10:27 am
  18. well done although I was expecting more from my users. They dont use it as much 😦 Is social bookmarking out?
    My recent post fragranceX Gutschein – Gratisversand nach Deutschland

    Comment by Gutscheine — December 3, 2009 @ 10:35 pm
  19. Thanks, plugins are very usefull!!
    My recent post Rising PC Doctor Portable

    Comment by Thomas Gordon — December 4, 2009 @ 1:39 pm
  20. what's the other plugin by the way?

    Comment by addiction — December 21, 2009 @ 10:16 am
  21. There are 2 slightly different plugins here, one for sharing specific
    comments, one for sharing the entire post 🙂

    Comment by Beau Lebens — December 21, 2009 @ 1:02 pm
  22. I think this is a wonderful idea to talk about it, and I am really grateful I found your website!

    Comment by Naitiri — January 10, 2010 @ 12:02 am

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