10 Apr 2008

Performance, Optimization, & Firefox 3! Oh My!

We’re constantly working on improving the speed and usability of Intense Debate, and just thought we’d post something about our most recent achievements.

Firefox 3 Support!

We’re extremely stoked about this! We now support Firefox 3, so if ID was keeping you from giving Firefox 3 a try, you’ve now got no excuse!

Intense Debate Comment Restoration

There’s a new feature in the Intense Debate comments that you’ll hopefully never use. If, for some reason, you browse away before posting your comment, or you login as you’re posting, you won’t lose your comment. Just open the page again, and you’ll find your comment right where you left it.

Widget Update

Some of you didn’t like the way the Intense Debate logo was implemented in the last revision of our widgets (by widgets we mean the Recent Comments, the Blog Stats widget, etc). We’ve now changed this to a non-intrusive text link.

Bugfixes and updates
  • We’re happy to report that Intense Debate now works perfectly in the NetNewsWire RSS reader.
  • Logging in, displaying the user menu, and voting have all been optimized and are now much faster.
  • The error messages within the Intense Debate comments have been looked over, and we’ve updated a big chunk of them to make them more clear.
  • And more…

People-Powered Customer Service


Ask a question, share an idea, report a problem, or just talk…

Favicon Service and support by Satisfaction

If you have any suggestions for us, things you think could change or if you have new ideas, please contact us ASAP! You can always reach us on the Getsatisfaction forums.

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20 Feb 2008

Intense Debate CSS Documentation

Many of you have told us that while you like the design of our comment system you want more control over the styling. Well, we’ve heard you and we’re excited to give you documentation of how the CSS classes work. Want to know how you can alter the look and feel of Intense Debate? For key elements, we have provided some useful examples to get you started. There are also uncompressed versions of the CSS files supplied, so you can check them for reference. Customize Intense Debate to better fit the design of your blog with your own custom CSS!

Check out the guide here!

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11 Feb 2008

Intense Debate Integrates Twitter


Intense Debate Loves Twitter We’re very excited here at Intense Debate. Today we’ve released a new feature that enables commenters to display their latest tweets directly through the Intense Debate comment system! It integrates seamlessly with the avatar menu, and is always updated as your latest tweet is fetched promptly when you hover a person’s avatar.

All of you that have already entered a Twitter profile ID will start seeing your tweets inside your avatar menu automatically. For anyone that hasn’t, you can enable your latest twitters or a personal message through your Edit Profile page. It’s simple and easy, just remember to put in your twitter profile URL.

As always, watch out… We’ve got more exciting stuff in our gun barrel, and will be guilty of a large shootout pretty soon.

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5 Feb 2008

Comment Widgets Update + Addition!


After our last big release we got so much positive feedback that we’ve decided to update our widgets as well.

Screenshot of the Intense Debate Comments WidgetToday we’re happy to present you with a refreshed version of our three different Comment Widgets, and also a new one! We call the fourth spawn the Blog Stats Widget. It’s a slick, tiny appetizer mainly created for bragging. Have a peek at it to the right, then go ahead and install it!

The changes aren’t just visual, though. We’ve rewritten all of the widgets from the ground up to make them faster than ever before.

So if you haven’t already installed one of these great widgets check them out. They’re available on your blog widgets page as well as on your personal widgets page.

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29 Jan 2008

Comment System Makeover

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Today we’ve got a bunch of exciting new stuff for you. We’ve gone through and revamped our comment system, it is now faster, prettier, more usable, and easier to understand. Let us highlight some of the things that are new/changed.

User information box

ScreenshotThe menu button is gone, but we’ve replaced it with something much better. Say hello to what we call the “userbox”, a popup that appears when you hover a person’s avatar. It has all the information you need in it: Ways of contacting the person on other sites, a link to their Intense Debate profile, and a personal message that gives you more information about the person. It’s all about giving your commenters an identity. Go ahead, let the world know who you are! It’s easily done on your “Edit profile” page.

Comment system redesign

ScreenshotWe’re all about user feedback and improving over time. We saw that the comment system had become too cluttered, and so we cleaned up the structure and gave it a new appearance. We want to make sure that your blog has got the most sleek, useful, and cool comment system around. We’ve raised the bar again.

Post new comment section

ScreenshotWhile we’re all about improving, some of you felt like the “Post new comment” section was a bit too different from the ones seen on standard blog platforms these days. To help new commenters, and to give the comment system an even cleaner look, we’ve taken it back to the roots. You’ll now find that the fields for credentials are stacked on top of each other.

Intense Debate has never looked better. Look out, though. We’re not even close to being done.

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