2 Dec 2009

New Plugin: Google Translate for Comments (51 languages!)

This is super-cool!  We’re excited to introduce a new IntenseDebate plugin developed by Sam Walters: Comment Translate.  Built using Google Translate, Comment Translate gives your readers the option to translate all comments and trackbacks on your post into their language of choice.

Languages available for comment translation:

Afrikaans Danish Greek Korean Portuguese Thai
Albanian Dutch Hebrew Latvian Romanian Turkish
Arabic English Hindi Lithuanian Russian Ukrainian
Belarusian Estonian Hungarian Macedonian Serbian Vietnamese
Bulgarian Filipino Icelandic Malay Slovak Welsh
Catalan Finnish Indonesian Maltese Slovenian Yiddish
Chinese French Irish Norwegian Spanish
Croatian Galician Italian Persian Swahili
Czech German Japanese Polish Swedish

Sam’s plugin couldn’t have come at a better time as we continue to expand our localization project to make IntenseDebate more accessible for everyone. Thanks to our fantastic group of volunteers, the IntenseDebate comment section is now available in 20 languages with more on the way!

To activate the Translate Comments plugin, visit your Plugins Page in your IntenseDebate account at http://intensedebate.com/plugins. Locate the Translate Comments plugin and select “Activate”. That’s it! It’s just that one simple click and your comments can now be translated to 51 languages!

Interested in flexing your own coding muscles and developing a super-slick plugin? Check out our Plugin Resources and documentation. You can also check out our Plugins blog post for more information.

Hat’s off to Sam for his contribution!

Posted by Michael Koenig in features

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